ScriviDavide Consolandi


Età: 38 anni

Città: Cislago (Varese)

Iscritto dal: 02/01/2017 10:42:00

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Born in 1983, he grew up in Cislago, a small town between Milano and Varese, in Italy. Since childhood, David has always had a strong imagination, cultivated over the years thanks to Stephen King, Stuart MacBride and Giorgio Faletti, authors who have inspired and motivated during the writing of his first short stories.
In 2014 he made his debut with the fantasy tale "La Volontà del Fabbro" written with his friend Andrea Bulgarelli and published in the anthology "Fate - Storie di terra, fuoco, acqua e vento" (published by I Doni delle Muse). In the following two years he published two other short stories, both thrillers: "Questione di Sopravvivenza" (published by Lettere Animate) and "Senza Catene" (self-publishing).
He is currently working on three new projects, all novels, so ... stay tuned!

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